About us - Doctor Water

OOO EkoMembrany is a manufacturer of water purifiers, correctors and integrated water treatment systems using the innovative technology “Doctor Water” ®.

Among the priority tasks of the company is getting not only a well and competently cleared, but also a healthy, biologically complete drinking water of the highest quality,
which should be easily and completely absorbed by the body. Mankind has been dreaming about such water for a long time, and, especially, modern medicine.

The leading experts of the company EcoMembranes more than 20 years ago have completed the research and made a successful attempt to create the newest technology of water treatment,
which implemented all of the above tasks.

The result of this difficult and many years of work was the invention of a fundamentally new, efficient and modern way of obtaining drinking water, which was patented under the trademark “Doctor Water” ®.
The technology has its own patented inventions and engineering developments, using the best practices of Russian and foreign water treatment.